Our partners and where our products come from

We try to offer a maximum of "homemade" products (jams, yogurts, brioches, certain breads, products around duck and foie gras, ...).

We work with a couple of craftsmen , duck producer , Nathalie and Richard Galtier . We use their raw materials to prepare the Boudines table d'hôtes! The ducklings arrive on their farm from birth, are reared for around 3 weeks in a "chickens" (heated building), then access the outdoor parks in full open air , until adulthood (around 4 months).
Possibility to visit their farm by appointment.
Nathalie and Richard Galtier
Le Bourg / 24550 Mazeyrolles

For the past ten years or so, we have been fortunate to have Producer Counters that have opened in the villages around ours.They work with family farms which perfectly control their productions and thus offer the customer high quality products and first freshness. Also we have a direct relationship with the producers since they are the ones who are present in the store. Thus, our local farms have a future, and we, consumers, we contribute to the sustainability of sustainable and local agriculture.

We therefore buy fruit, vegetables, eggs, organic flours (wheat, wholemeal, buckwheat, chestnut) from these counters, pulses, honey, goat cheese from M.Bortolin , meat (poultry , beef, pork ...), cold meats, ... everything you find in season!

Here are the addresses of the Comptoirs closest to the bulls:

* Comptoir des Producteurs / Le Bourg (near the station) / 24170 Siorac en Périgord (5 km) https://www.facebook.com/lecomptoirdesproducteur/

* Les Croquants / The village /24220 Coux-Et-Bigaroque (6.81 km) https://www.facebook.com/lescroquants24/

La Boutique du Terroir / 39 Esplanade de la brèche / 24170 Belvès (8 km) https://www.facebook.com/boutiqueterroirbelves/

On the other hand, when our guests wish to dine at the restaurant and close to the house (5kms), we advise them:
The 4 Leaf Clover Inn in Siorac-en-Périgord
Very good local cuisine; raw materials from local artisans or farms.
Since the start of the Coronavirus epidemic, they have set up a TAKE-AWAY service, with a menu that changes every week!